Servant of the King

Dcn Andrew CulverRev. Andrew Culver
Upon graduation from Northwest University of the Assemblies of God in Kirkland, Washington, He began ministry in the Assemblies of God as a licensed minister. he Served churches in Kirkland, Washington as a Children’s Pastor and Kent, Washington as Youth Pastor.

Growing up in the home of a pastor, he experienced first hand the movement of God many times. Over the years he have observed his father pastor in both Nazarene and Assembly of God churches. At the age of 15, he went to Haiti as part of a medical mission team where he was truly moved by God’s power. He graduated from a Christian School in Alaska where his father was an administrator and pastor. Following the call of God and the footsteps of his father, He became an Assembly of God minister.

One weekend, he accompanied his father to a service at St. Patrick’s church in Oregon. While in that service, the Holy Spirit impressed upon him that this was the church in which he was to give his life. God revealed to him the sacramental life of the historic church.

He was ordained to the Deaconate on June 13, 1998. He served as Deacon at Holy Trinity church in Kent, Washington where his father is Priest/Pastor. In the fall of 1999 he moved to Boise, Idaho to assist a church there.

Being called to the Priesthood, approval was granted to move to Texas in the fall of 2000. He served Holy Trinity Church in Ft. Worth while attending Seminary in Sherman, Texas. In May, 2002, He returned to Washington to serve again at Holy Trinity church and later moved to Spokane Washington and then to Post Falls ID Serving in Churches in many different roles of leadership.

Rev. Andrew has one son, Caleb, and one daughter Catelyn and live in Post Falls ID. Rev. Andrew continues in ministries to his church nationally.

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